The BETTER Pod Experience

March 20, 2019

CBD Coffee

In a short amount of time, the coffee pod has changed the way Americans brew and drink coffee. In just over a decade, the single serve market has grown to the point where nearly half of all households have a single serve pod based coffee brewer. If you have one, you know it's hard to beat the convenience of this type of system. But up to this point there have been trade-offs and sacrifices made by coffee drinkers who want a simpler way. Our objective was to change this and produce a BETTER Pod Experience!

So did we pull it off? We think so. Before you see for yourself, allow us to explain why we have done it better.

First off, anyone who is remotely environmentally conscious knows that adding billions of small plastic coffee pods into landfills across the country is far from ideal for our planet. This has always been one of the major gripes about the platform. But through carefull research and development we have found a better solution. A simple yet completely recyclable pod! Our pods are easily recyclable for minimal impact on our environment. After brewing and while still warm you simply squeeze the top of the pod to release the lid and expose the spent coffee grounds. From there you dump them out, rinse the pod and place it in your recycling. It doesn't get much simpler than that. And to really take it to the next level, please know that every bit of the product, from pod to packaging, is 100% recyclable. So you can experience the convenience and piece of mind in knowing that you are doing it a better way with minimized impact on our planet. Subduction COFFEE+HEMP is committed to our environment and sustainability.

Now, as many know, it can be hard to get a good strong cup of coffee from a standard store bought coffee pod. In fact, many coffee drinkers have moved to darker roasts when using pods because the flavor is lacking and a heavier roast will somewhat counteract that. But again, there is a BETTER way. And here are the three main reasons why ours are better. 

  1. With our process, the freshness of our coffee is locked in for superior flavor. It is fresh ground, blended with our +HEMP formula and loaded and sealed into the pod immediately.
  2. We are able to fill them with approximately 30-40% more coffee than a standard coffee pod. Standard pods barely contain sufficient amounts of ground coffee for a 8oz cup. These days the average person doesn't drink a 8oz cup of coffee so what they end up with is weak coffee. Our pods are strong and flavorful enough for a full 12oz cup! And if you still use a 6 or 8oz cup you are definitely in for a treat.
  3. We have engineered our pods to extend the brew time. Faster isn't better. A longer and slower brew produces a richer cup of coffee and a more complete extraction of the enclosed ingredients.

These factors combine to make one fine cup of coffee and give our customers a coffee shop level experience from a convenient home brewer.

So if you have resisted the switch to a single serve pod system for the above mentioned reasons or even already use one but are hesitant to stray from your norm because of previous disappointment, think again. We have succeeded in creating the BETTER Pod Experience. Enjoy!


Subduction coffee pods are Keurig® compatible with both original and 2.0® systems. Keurig®, K-Cup®, and 2.0® are registered trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. We are not affiliated with Keurig Green Mountain in any way.

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