Frequently Asked Questions

The coffee you receive is about as fresh as it gets. All orders are made to order. Our beans are small batch roasted on a continuous basis. The fresh roasted beans are ground, blended with our +HEMP formula and packaged within 24 hours of shipment. Packaging, be it bags or pods, are sealed immediately to lock in the fresh coffee flavor.

We feel Hemp oil infused beans have too many drawbacks so we set out to develop a better process and product. Our COFFEE+HEMP products offer a very precise hemp infusion per serving that you can't achieve with oiled beans.

Of course you are, our customers deserve the best! Our coffee selection is sourced from small to medium farms around the globe that are Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Our decaf coffee is produced using the Swiss Water Process which eliminates the traditionally used harsh solvents. All of it is roasted to perfection then processed and packed fresh. Our coffees aren't just good, they're delicious!

The Subduction +HEMP formula is the ultimate way to add the goodness of hemp to a cup of coffee. It is our proprietary blend of organic hemp ingredients and derivatives designed to properly infuse a full range of the plants properties while being cohesive with the coffee experience. It's also 3rd party tested for purity and cannabinoid content. +HEMP is quality you can count on.

Yes it does. Our formula uses legal American grown ingredients derived from the hemp variety of the cannabis sativa plant and is rich in the compound cannabidiol (CBD). We offer our hemp infusion in two levels, +HEMP10 and +HEMP20. These monikers designate the level of Hemp CBD per serving (10mg or 20mg).

Most certainly not! Our ingredients are NOT derived from marijuana, the controlled and THC containing member of the cannabis family. While hemp can legally contain some trace levels of THC our formula is tested to verify that it is THC free.

Yes they are. Our Pods are compatible with all Keurig single serve machines including the 2.0 system.

Our pods have enough coffee to brew a 12oz. cup. They contain on average 30-40% more coffee than a standard pod for a rich and full flavored cup of coffee.