+HEMP - Subduction's Secret to Excellence

Our unique and proprietary +HEMP formula is what sets our COFFEE+HEMP apart from any other product on the market. At it's core, +HEMP is a blend of Certified Organic and American produced legal hemp ingredients and not isolated from marijuana. It is a far different approach than oil based additives allowing us to produce a product with better integration and the result is a superior cup of infused coffee. While we love to share the reasons that makes our formula so unique, the exact composition is a trade secret so we will give you a simple summary of why it works so well.

One term you will hear from us is better integration. What this refers to is how our formula functions harmoniously with the tried and true methods of coffee making and drinking. +HEMP in process is synergistic with the ground coffee and functions in the same way during processes traditionally used to make a cup or pot of coffee. The act of making coffee is a simple water extraction and in similar fashion, our ingredients are extracted via water into your cup of coffee. But in comparison to pure oil based methods of infusion, our formula is highly soluble. While refined hemp oils do not mix with water at all, our formula will primarily suspend in the water as a nanoparticle. Nanoparticles are much easier for the body to absorb quickly and efficiently resulting in a faster onset and superior results.

Proper integration is also essential for flavor. Hemp itself is quite earthy tasting and for some can present a slightly bitter note on the back of the tongue. This can be especially noticeable with the simplistic addition of hemp oils to coffee. Those oils float to the top and form an oil layer which negatively impacts flavor and is consumed inconsistently with each sip until gone. Our formula, with its enhanced solubility, is more evenly distributed throughout your entire cup of coffee. What does this mean for you? Well, it means our cup of hemp infused coffee will taste better. The earthy flavor of hemp and even the bitter notes pair very well with but are also masked by coffee if done properly. Subduction coffees taste better and are more consistent and enjoyable. You just taste good coffee!

Another benefit of our formula and process is repetitive consistency and quality. This is very important. With Subduction you get a consistent experience. You will get the same flavor and quality cup after cup and batch after batch. With other methods there is far too much variation for a consistent experience. Our coffee experience is delicious every time and our formulation allows for precise control over how much of our hemp ingredients you get per cup. With other products you will experience inconsistent flavor and a highly variable level of hemp ingredients per cup. This is a critical attribute to consider if your reason for drinking hemp infused coffee is as a source of CBD. In this case, consistency is especially important and our products deliver.