Subduction - The BEST way to Hemp Coffee

So what makes Subduction different than other Hemp or CBD coffee products? The world's best coffees, superior freshness and high grade third-party tested and American produced Hemp ingredients are just the start!


Subduction Coffee+Hemp:

Our products will provide you with the perfect cup of coffee properly infused with Hemp. In order to do this, our proprietary formula is mixed post-roast and grind. Through our method we achieve a product with better integration and the ability to offer very distinct coffee varietals without compromising their unique characteristics. Our additive is synergistic with the ground coffee and functions in the same manner and in accordance to traditional coffee making methods.


Hemp Coffee Beans or "CBD Beans":

In our research & development process, we determined this to be an extremely flawed approach. These products are made in a similar way as flavored coffee beans. With this very simplistic method, an oil (Hemp, CBD isolate etc.) is essentially mixed into hot coffee beans and during cooling is semi absorbed but primarily coats the bean. Unfortunately this process, while fine for flavoring, is far from ideal for thick hemp oils and can degrade both the additive and the bean. 


So if you are considering a Hemp infused coffee because you are interested in a better way to include popular Hemp compounds such as Cannabidiol (CBD) into your daily routine we think the choice is clear. Try SUBDUCTION COFFEE+HEMP today and see for yourself first-hand.