SubScription Program

Would you like to have Subduction coffees delivered to your door at regular intervals? Nobody likes to run out of their favorite coffee and to make sure it doesn't happen to you, enroll in our SubScription Program today!

Setting up reoccurring delivery of Subduction Coffee+Hemp is easy to do and will give you peace of mind. Your membership provides the comfort in knowing it will always be there. Once enrolled, you will be scheduled for regular shipments of the product you want in the quantity and frequency you desire.

So how do you sign up? Its simple. Each product page has the option to create a SubScription. Select the product, interval and quantity per shipment, then checkout. Once complete, you will be scheduled in our system and the program initiates upon shipment of your first order. From there on out, your favorite coffee will be sent at your selected interval so you never run out of our tasty product.

Another great benefit of the SubScription Program is cost savings. As a program member you always receive a 10% discount on your regular order. So if you know you will need it then you might as well save some money. And as a special added bonus to members, you receive a free gift on every anniversary of enrollment. Members get free merch every year, your choice, t-shirt or mug. It's our way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer!

PLEASE NOTE: We offer the SubScription Program on two intervals, 2 Weeks and 4 Weeks. When signing up, you must select the quantity that you would like during that interval. So, for example, if you drink 1 box of pods each week and you want delivery every 2 weeks then you need set the quantity as 2. 2 boxes would then be sent every 2 weeks.