About Subduction Coffee+Hemp

Our artfully crafted beverages will go well beyond what you have come to expect from a traditional cup of coffee. Created by a life long coffee aficionado and seasoned veteran of the cannabis industry, Subduction is serious about making great coffee and our mission is to provide our customers with a superior product and experience.

From our founder:

"When I started making my coffee, it wasn't necessarily done with the intent of creating a new product. It began with a family member in need and the sad reality that many of the available options for hemp derived cannabidiol were extremely questionable in origin and quality. Beyond that, most really don't taste very good to the average person. Given my background in a different segment of the industry, I just didn't feel comfortable recommending most of the products I researched. So in the end I decided to take my passion for good coffee and combine it with my experience and connections in the cannabis industry. The result? Well, it far exceeded our expectations and truly turned me into a believer in the power of the Hemp varieties of cannabis. It took a lot of careful planning and creative thinking to perfect our craft and bring a high quality coffee, infused with the goodness of hemp, to market. We developed our own approach. But the journey has been completely worth the end result. It's all very personally fulfilling for me to help others live a better and more enjoyable life. And who doesn't love a great cup of coffee? I know I do."


About our company:

Committed to Quality: As you hopefully gathered from above, we are serious about providing you with a quality cup of delicious Coffee+Hemp. We don’t cut corners and we promise to always provide you with a quality product you can trust and will love.

Committed to People: Our core philosophy of quality and freshness requires the hard work and dedication of a staff of happy and supportive individuals. Our people are passionate about coffee and it shows. As a company we pledge to provide a quality workplace to people and value human power over lifeless machinery. That is why all of the product you receive is processed and packaged by hand every day. Our staff strives to provide you with excellence, consistency and dependability. Our company pledges to provide a quality workplace and we look forward to adding new jobs and employing more people as we grow. Our commitment to people also extends to you, our customer. Without you, we would not exist. On behalf of all of us, we tank you for your business.

Committed to Sustainability: We all live on this planet and must each do our part to maintain it to the best of our abilities. A commitment to sustainability can be accomplished through actively pursuing better policies, practices and products. We strive to minimize our impact on the world around us and use our resources as responsibly and as efficiently as possible. Everything we do can make a difference, none too small. Minimizing our consumables usage, reducing energy consumption and utilization of recyclable packaging to minimize our footprint are just some of the ways we strive to be a steward of mother earth.


About our coffee:

Superior Beans: It all starts with superior beans. Our coffee buyer and our company has set a very high standard. We require that all beans are Certified Organic. This is a commitment to you as a customer and a commitment to our planet. This ensures that the beans were grown in the best possible conditions without harmful chemicals. Furthermore, our company has made the commitment to only use Fair Trade Certified beans. Through this we support the hard-working farmers and nurture sustainable environmental farming practices and equitable trade relationships.

Expertly Roasted: The roasting of green coffee beans is considered an art form by many and requires a vast amount of experience to perfect. Roasting has such a profound effect that even slight variations of process can produce drastically different flavors and characteristics from the same bean harvest. Expertise in roasting is essential for both repetitive consistency and proper flavor development. Subduction Coffee is roasted in small batches using eco-friendly equipment for the optimal flavor profile and minimal environmental impact.

+Hemp: The Subduction +Hemp formula is what really sets our product apart from others. Our formula is the culmination of decades of experience and completely unique. Hemp is a highly beneficial plant known to be an excellent source of essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin E, minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc and cannabinoids like the increasingly popular Cannabidiol (CBD). Our THC free broad spectrum ingredient and our process was developed to produce a next level cup of coffee. This isn’t just some simplistic method of infusing coffee beans with hemp oil and this isn’t just a novelty CBD coffee. Subduction Coffee+Hemp goes well beyond. Remember, oil and water do not mix so other products are flawed from inception. Our proprietary formula contains Organic Hemp derivatives and high grade soluble Hemp Extracts for a superior cup of coffee with an optimized and consistent experience.

Always Fresh: The coffee you get is always fresh and made to order. But the concept goes deeper. Our commitment to you is simple in theory but requires a level of dedication that much of the industry chooses to overlook. Many use the word fresh but we live by it. Our delicious coffees are processed, packaged and shipped within days, not months. We believe that everyone deserves to drink fresh flavorful coffee and the Subduction experience is one you will love adding to your daily routine. Did you know that most commercial packaged coffees have a two year shelf life? Who wants to drink two year old coffee? That’s certainly not fresh!


So, with that being said...

We hope you understand a little more about us, our company and why we are here. We hope you try and enjoy our products and look forward to welcoming you in to the Subduction family. If you have any questions or comments please don’t ever hesitate to send us an email. We are always happy to answer your questions and welcome your comments and feedback.


Subduction COFFEE+HEMP - The union between two of Mother Earth's most miraculous plants. Delicious coffee and healthy hemp brought together to harmoniously fill your cup with rich flavor and mellow goodness. Enjoy!