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HEMP is Your Friend!

HEMP is Your Friend!

About your friend Hemp – Mary Jane’s straight-laced sister

Hemp has a tumultuous story. Sadly, she has often been pigeonholed with her sister Mary Jane. At times her life has been quite unfair. Like many sisters, they both look very similar and some say nearly identical. But in reality, one is not the other and they are both very different indeed. Thankfully things have been looking up for the sisters. People are finally starting to realize that they are both unique individuals with their own unique strengths, talents and endearing qualities.

Hemp is a good girl. She is healthy and works hard, she is strong, kind and caring. She helps those around her in any way possible because she is very thoughtful. If you didn’t know, Hemp is more of the quiet type. She is very worldly and has traveled the globe many times over. If you were to look at her resume and all that she has accomplished over the years you would be impressed to say the least. Many know her as a model citizen and she is very environmentally conscious.

Now Mary Jane on the other hand, is a bit of a partier. She likes to have a good time and sometimes she gets a little wild. Mary Jane’s a good girl too but her personality just isn’t for everyone. Some love to be around her all the time, some can only handle her company occasionally and honestly a lot of people don’t want to be around her at all. That’s just life for Mary Jane.

But there is something about those sisters that just makes you feel good and regardless of how you feel about Mary Jane, Hemp is always a good friend to have. There is a lot to her. She has substance. Also, Hemp loves Subduction Coffee. Subduction Coffee and Hemp are best friends. Together they have the makings of a truly legendary duo. With Subduction’s rich personality and Hemp’s helpful nature it was destined to be a beautiful union. Each provides a balance to the other quite well. Maybe it’s time you get to know them.

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