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Everyone deserves to drink fresh coffee! In recent years the term "Farm to Table" has become the descriptor of choice for an ideology that brings fresh ingredients from reputable local sources to the food service industry. While our situation is a bit different here in the coffee world, we have tried our best to carry over this concept so that you receive the best possible cup of coffee.

Since coffee beans are grown in very specific regions around the world, and not the United States, our sourcing and production process was designed to give you a "Farm to Cup" experience. Its about as close as you are going to get to "Farm to Table" in the coffee industry. Because of our geographic location we are just a stones throw away from the largest point of entry on the east coast for high quality globally produced green coffee beans. With our commitment to use only Fair Trade and Organic Certified beans, our coffees are origin traceable and almost all come from small to medium size farms that are usually family owned and operated. The love, care and pride these dedicated farmers have towards the quality of their beans produces a distinct difference in flavor and quality.

The next essential element in the "Farm to Cup" experience is roasting as close to the point of consumption as possible. With our coffees, you get a product that was roasted within days of fulfilling your order and through this you receive a coffee with incredible freshness and flavor. It's all about that fresh roasted flavor! You aren't going to get this with your typical mass production coffee. It takes the dedication of a small coffee company like ours to bring this to your cup. Similar to a talented chef in the food industry, an experienced coffee roaster can artfully render amazing flavors from once green coffee beans to reveal the delicate nuances that set each coffee varietal apart from others and also produce a noticeable difference in depth of flavor when compared to mass produced commercial beans roasted by a factory worker in bulk. Our beans are expertly roasted in small batches as needed providing our customers with superior freshness and quality with a deep rich flavor.

Equally as important to the bean origin and roast is our unique and proprietary +HEMP formula. What we have developed with +HEMP is a product that properly integrates with the coffee process and experience for a truly revolutionary cup of coffee. It's what makes our signature COFFEE+HEMP product shine. The inclusion of these hemp ingredients adds a nice subtle earthy flavor that tastes delicious. But to stay in keeping with the "Farm to Cup" concept here we also use only the finest ingredients. Our +HEMP ingredients are American sourced with preference given to Organically and Sustainably produced ingredients from legal hemp that is third party tested for quality and purity. Why is it important that we point this out? Well unfortunately many companies that offer Hemp or even CBD products source ingredients of questionable origin (China) which often test positive for undesirable impurities. You're not going to find that junk in our coffee! You deserve the best.

Now the final step in offering you "Farm to Cup" freshness is when we transform the fresh roasted beans and our unique +HEMP to a fresh ground and packaged coffee ready for you to enjoy. One thing you wont find at out facility is shelf stock. While commercial coffee producers churn out product around the clock to fill their warehouses with boxes to send to distributors, our concept is different all together. To complete our mission of freshness we grind, blend and pack everything to order. No shelf stock, no exceptions! So while the average coffee you buy from the store can be months to years old (yes it's true) what you get from us is pure Fresh Packed Excellence.

For us, it's a point of pride and a testament to our quality and dedication when you drink Subduction COFFEE+HEMP and taste the "Farm to Cup" freshness. Our innovative product line won't disappoint. It is truly a next level cup of coffee and a life changing experience. While we make no health claims about our products, there is a vast wealth of information available that demonstrates the benefit of adding hemp into your life. What we have done is created what we feel is the tastiest way to add CBD rich Hemp into your daily routine. We hope you enjoy it! 

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