Best CBD Coffee, Best CBD Coffee Pods

Are you searching for the best Hemp infused coffee? Are you looking for a better tasting way to add Cannabidiol to your day? If you are interested in CBD infused coffees or CBD infused coffee pods that are compatible with popular Keurig coffee maker platform, you have come to the right place. Subduction Coffee+Hemp has developed a line of world class coffees that are infused with our proprietary +Hemp formula. Coffee+Hemp is a revolutionary next step towards brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee+Hemp combines the attributes of delicious, fresh roasted coffee with the goodness of our powerful broad spectrum +Hemp recipe. The results are amazing! If you love a great cup of coffee and you want experience the benefits of hemp then you are going to love Subduction.

Why buy Subduction Coffee+Hemp?

1  - The Best Coffee

The first step to producing the best Hemp or CBD infused coffees is to have delicious coffees from the top Organic and Fair Trade certified farms around the globe. We spent a very long time developing our catalog of exquisite beans. Every coffee varietal we offer is prized amongst coffee aficionados for the unique flavors that they reveal once roasted properly.

2 - The Best Coffee Process

To make sure that you experience the true optimal flavor of the beans we utilize a small batch roasting process. This guarantees each one is brought to that perfect point where bold flavors, optimal acidity and caffeine content are just right. We ensure these attributes are expressed in every cup with our fresh pack process. You will NEVER get old stale coffee from Subduction. We do not stock a warehouse of ready to ship coffees. We process and pack every order of Coffee+Hemp to order. 

3 - The Best Hemp / CBD Infusion

We spent considerable time developing our +Hemp formula. It was purpose formulated to be a coffee additive. We don't sell basic beans soaked in Hemp or CBD Oil. These types of products really compromise the character of the coffee and are flawed in concept. What we did was take the time to create an optimized CBD rich Hemp ingredient that functions harmoniously with standard coffee brewing techniques. By doing so we achieve superior results. You get a bold cup of Hemp infused coffee with consistent flavor, quality and effect. Our precision process allows us to accurately control the amount of Hemp ingredients such as CBD you get per cup and furthermore, our formula has superior bioavailability when compared to oil infused products. Subduction is a vessel for fast and complete absorption. Plus, we offer all Coffee+Hemp in two infusion levels based on CBD content. Our customers can choose between 10mg & 20mg of CBD per serving on every coffee we offer!

4 - More Choices

Subduction Coffee+Hemp is available in a growing number of both Single Origin and Blended coffees. We have the widest range of Hemp CBD infused Craft Coffees in the world and we are continuously searching for more great coffees to add into our catalog. When you combine this with our selectable +Hemp infusion level, our choice of grind style to suit your brew method and our availability of every product in coffee pod form you couldn't get much closer to a custom coffee made just for you.

5 - We MAKE great coffees

Did you know that when you search for CBD Coffees online, many of the results you will see are all the same? Different brands, different packaging but in reality it's the same subpar coffee. Most of them don't actually make their coffee like we do. They white label. Their sole interest is to market a product and take your money. Our sole interest is to provide our customers with a superior coffee that we make in-house. Do you think Willie actually makes coffee? Nope!

6 - Don't believe THEIR hype

Most of what you will encounter when performing an online search for products like ours is hype! Don't believe it! You need to be able to see through their smoke and mirrors. They market a gimmick and their only motivation is to capitalize on the popularity of CBD. They really don't care if their coffee is good or if it actually functions as intended. It's all about the money. To even further perpetrate the hype, the internet is flooded with websites claiming to highlight the best products. Well guess what. The only reason the products you see on most of these websites are recommended is that the featured companies paid a lot of money for their product to be there. It's sad but true. And it is for this reason we are so proud of when websites like Best Quality Coffee, an independent coffee review website, called Subduction Coffee+Hemp "Hemp Coffee at it's Finest" and states that our products are the best tasting and most effective they have tried. Above being proud of their evaluation we are quite proud of the fact that we didn't pay a dime for the review. But nearly every other website we reached out to essentially stated that they would give our product a good review if we paid them to be featured. That just isn't how we do business.

We think you deserve the Best CBD rich Hemp Coffee

So if you are here because you are shopping for a coffee infused with hemp CBD then we hope you give our products a try. We know that you will really enjoy Subduction Coffee+Hemp and with our wide range, you are sure to find something that tickles your taste buds. From popular favorites such as Sumatra and Colombian to treasured treats such as Yirgacheffe or Sidamo from Africa or the native varietals from Timor-Leste, we know you will find a coffee to fall in love with! The quality of our coffees and our +Hemp infusion is second to none. Our coffee pods brew a superior cup when compared to virtually any coffee pods or K cups out there, especially at a 12oz. water setting. Our coffees are simply amazing and you get what you pay for. Subduction quality, flavor and CBD rich Hemp are only a few clicks away so give us a try today.

As we like to say, Subduction is the tastiest way to add CBD rich Hemp to your day!