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Subduction Timor Coffee with Hemp

Bored with your standard go-to beans? Try Timor for a very special coffee unlike any other in the world.

Timor coffee is an Indonesian coffee from East Timor, an island in the Malay Archipelago. This fantastic bean is extraordinarily clean tasting with a subtle earthiness. It is full bodied, smooth and mildly sweet with notes of cocoa. This one of a kind hybrid coffee is the result of a natural cross breeding of the Robusta and Arabica plant first recognized in the 1940’s and unique to this island. Our Timor is small batch roasted just shy of Medium which really brings out the earthy and herbal flavor while maintaining a smoothness this varietal is known for.

When you receive your Subduction COFFEE+HEMP there will be one thing that is abundantly clear, we make some seriously great coffees! Choice beans and our unique high purity +HEMP formula will add a new dimension to your daily routine. We're all about good coffee, good living and putting a smile on the face of our customers. We believe everyone deserves the fresh coffee experience and because of this every order you receive from us is roasted within days of grinding and ground and packaged within hours of shipment. 


Bag Size: 8oz fresh ground coffee


Coffee Information-

Origin: South East Asia
Growing Region: East Timor - Dili
Varietal: Timor Hybrid
Altitude: 800 - 1500 Meters
Roast: Medium Light
Body: Mild
Cup Profile: Earthy and Herbal with Chocolate
Process: Washed and Sun Dried
Harvest Period: May thru October
Certification: USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified


 +HEMP Information-

Origin: American Grown
Contents: Proprietary Formula
Spectrum: Broad
Cannabidiol: +HEMP 10 (10mg CBD), +HEMP 20 (20mg CBD)
Certification: Organic Hemp, 3rd Party tested ingredients